The 21st century is a great time for the development of China as well as our Tianshui Chemical Group. I hereby, on behalf of all the staff members, would like to express my sincere thanks to government leaders of various levels, to our business partners and to our customers for their powerful supports and deep love &concern to our group all over the years! And we warmly welcome your visit to our website! China's entry into the WTO brings about both opportunities and challenges to various industries. As a privately-run enterprise, we can proudly announce that we have successfully survived the intense compitition and severe tests in the chemical industry. And we will,based on our specific conditions, explore a new area for development in the chemical field.

We will, as we always do, work hard and provide the society with excellent products and services and put the development of the company onto a new height!

Finally, I once again, would like to thank all our friends for your support, and we hope to work hard together with you for the prosperity of China's pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials industries!

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